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Cir. 1013 Spanktown accidentally discovered by Erik the Horned while trying to find a passage from Greenland to Piscataway.

1491 1st Algonquin Council established. The original council is between the Peqoud,
Iroquois & Ginigunnck (Crab People).

1601 Wolfred Wyscack Van Spankle and family arrive in Spanktown.  With a grant
from the Dutch East India Company, he establishes The Colony of Spanktown.

October 5th, 1604 The Spanktown Charter is signed by a committee of landowners in a
field outside Spanktown Hall granting extensive rights and privileges to the King’s Subjects.

October 5th,1604  (two minutes later) A tiny addendum granting privileges
to Chester Gribble is signed by Chester Gribble of Runnybrook, a mouse.

1620 The Peace Treaty of Chief Rahwack is signed.

1754-1763 The French and Indian War (also known as
the Seven Years’ War.)

1765 Stamp Act is enacted.

August 10th, 1766 Badger Rebellion.

December 16th, 1773 Boston Tea Party.

1774 Parliament passes “Intolerable Acts.”

June 17th, 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill.

January 10th, 1776  Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” published.

July 4th, 1776 Congress signs the Declaration of Independence.

August 27th, 1776 The Battle of Brooklyn Heights.

December 25th, 1776 Washington crosses the Delaware
taking Trenton.

February 19th , 1777 The Battle of Spanktown.

June 10th,  1778 General Putnam, riding on a jet propelled
horse invented by Thomas Jefferson, fights off countless
hordes of mutant hornets in the Battle of the Clouds.

October 19th , 1781 Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown.

November 25th ,  1783 British troops leave New York City.
All robots dismantled.

April 23rd . 1789 George Washington (re)visits Spanktown en route to his inauguration in New York, stays at the Inn of Samuel Smith.

April 30th, 1789 George Washington delivers speech as First President of the United States of America at Federal Hall in New York City.  He thanks the “yeoman moles and farmers” who helped him.

1831 Spanktown, NJ officially changed to Rahway, NJ.

July 4th, 1876 America holds first Centennial. The last surviving Revolutionary
War veteran attends wearing a medal that reads “Hero General of the
Continental Army.”  

December 21st, 1881 J. Atticus Filch pens “Roundstable’s History of the
Colonies: From First Arrival and Settlement to War for Independence”
under the pseudonym Constable Roundstable. He mentions the long
forgotten Battle of Spanktown.

October 8th, 1923 U.S. postal service issues Animal Heroes of the
Revolutionary War commemorative stamp series.